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Tineke Knol

My great passion is travelling. I have been able to visit and experience many countries and cultures. Nepal is a country that particularly appeals to me. Of course, the natural environment is very beautiful, but the Nepalese people have really captured my heart. Rarely have I met such positive and wise people. And that in combination with such poverty! The willingness of this people to want to escape from poverty is really very moving. In the Netherlands, education is a right and developing in a direction that suits you is a matter of course.

The idea to provide aid in Nepal quickly emerged.

We, my husband and I, did a trekking at the base of Mount Everest. During this trekking we came to Junbesi village in Solukhumbu district. Here, a large part of the Primary and Secondary School appeared to have collapsed during the earthquake in 2015. After a number of talks with the board and teachers of the school, we decided to help them rebuild the school.

“Onderwijs is het paspoort voor de toekomst, want morgen behoort aan diegene die zich er vandaag op voorbereidt.”
– Malcom X
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