About us

In March 2022, we, Rameshowr(Ram) Budhathoki, Casper Kolkman and Tineke Knol, founded the SDN Foundation to achieve our goals.

We have a close cooperation with a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) called Changunaryan Foundation (CNF) that represents our interests. This foundation also has a non profit motive and has an NGO status. We have entered into a partnership with CNF.

The board consists of

Rameshowr Budhathoki
Tineke Knol
Casper Kolkman

The board is also supported by 4 extra members who will help as advisors and talking points

Mr. Drs. José Clarisse
Mr. Drs. José Clarisse. Lawyer.
Dr. Ir. Marja de Jong
Dr. Ir. Marja de Jong. Public health consultant.
Drs. Ing. Mirjam Kolkman
Drs. Ing. Mirjam Kolkman. Trainer and Organizational Consultant.
Henk Jan Knol
Ir. Henk Jan Knol. Founder of Topicus and Commissioner of Topicus.com.

The Foundation is not-for-profit. The management of the finances is laid down in the articles of association. There is a financial accountability every year. The SDN foundation has ANBI status

Rekeningnummer van de stichtingKVK:RSIN of the institutionChamber of Commerce: Trade register HengeloEmail
Rekeningnummer van de stichtingNL08RABO0189775076
KVK:RSIN of the institution863778446
Chamber of Commerce: Trade register Hengelo85887811

Financial policy of the Social Development Nepal foundation (SDN)

Remuneration Policy
The board of CNF is unpaid.

Origin of resources
Funds spent on our projects are raised from benevolent philanthropic institutions and natural persons. In addition, related activities are organized to raise funds.

Wealth and spending management
The SDN foundation manages the assets as risk-averse as possible. Management is supervised by the Board and Rabobank. The income and expenditure of the foundation follow from the annual overview.

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